NEWO Global Energy

NEWO Global Energy is a not-for profit company that provides responsible energy services along with educational programs to foster vibrant communities and healthy ecosystems.

NEWO Global Energy specializes in solar PV design and installation while also offering a full range of electrical contracting services. These services are supported by an experienced team of fully licensed electricians. Together with charitable projects and a focus on holistic education, they provide sustainable energy needs while supporting broader aims of community and ecological health. "Newo" is the Cree word for four, here representing working in harmony with the four elements of earth, water, fire and wind to foster the well-being of all human and non-human communities. NEWO Global Energy is committed to working in the spirit of reconciliation and collaboration for many future generations to come.


Business Name: NEWO Global Energy
Type: Energy
Location: Camrose (head Office) & Red Deer (Branch Office)

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