Dwayne Holland

Brand Specialist - CORE Brand

Dwayne has been building brands since 1995, working with both small businesses and large organizations to help position them in an overcrowded marketplace. 
Over the years Dwayne has seen so many entrepreneurs struggle to standout and succeed. Despite all their hard work they often lose vision of who they are, what they offer or how to clearly communicate to their customers.  Unfortunately they usually  jump directly onto the marketing treadmill without having a strong understanding of their core identity and how that differentiates them. Dwayne believes that a strong brand is the foundation for a solid business strategy.
Three generations of entrepreneurial heritage has given Dwayne valuable insight into what it takes to win in the marketplace. From agriculture to retail, his roots have influenced his own story and he’s learned that your brand starts at the core of who you are. It’s what your customers experience first and what they remember last.
Through his Core3™ framework and straightforward approach Dwayne helps entrepreneurs clarify who they are, tell their story and build their brand. This gives them confidence and positions them for success.
Dwayne is passionate about helping others grow their business and become the best they can be.