Rob Gilgan

Musician, Writer, Entrepreneur, Photographer

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Entrepreneur Business Services

With his father's words ringing in his ears . . ."As long as you don't expect to make a lot of money, playing music is a great way to make a living" . . . Rob Gilgan lit out across the prairie to climb aboard the outlaw country express, landing first in Penhold. That decision lead to years of touring, a college diploma in multi-track recording and music production and many satisfying moments learning and plying the craft.

A dozen years later, he used his powers of persuasion to land a job as a publisher and spent the next decade training volunteers, writing about and photographing his community. The urge to sail his own ship lead to Infomaniacs, his business services company, which, in turn, lead to the creation of the Rimbey Review and another decade of writing, photographing and community building.

The handwriting on the newspaper business wall, combined with an intense interest in all things internet found him doing special projects for the Chamber of Commerce for four years, the perfect segue to closing out his career(s) at Red Deer College, this year. 55 very rewarding years in all, split about half and half between entrepreneur and employee.

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