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Professional Expertise

Central Alberta is home to consider wisdom, talent and professional expertise in a variety of disciplines. Catapult clients may hire one of our qualified experts to guide them through a specific part of their start-up journey. These coaches and consultants may also be delivering training at Catapult, both to the Catapult clients and to the community at large. Check our events calendar to see the schedule for training workshops.

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Featured Coaches and Trainers

Dwayne Holland

Through his framework and straightforward approach Dwayne helps entrepreneurs clarify who they are, tell their story and build their brand. This gives them confidence and positions them for success. Dwayne is passionate about helping others grow their business and become the best they can be.

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Alana Peters

Alana Peters, Speaker & Facilitator, Personal & Professional Coach, has spent twenty years equipping both adults and children, inspiring them to be their best. Whether teaching or coaching, she is committed to create an atmosphere of trust to maximize potential for her students or clients.

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Bruce Schollie

Bruce Schollie B.Sc., M.B.A., CMC is an accredited management consultant through the Canadian Association of Management Consultants. Bruce owns and operates Schollie Research & Consulting.

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Elan Buan

Elan Buan, BComm, is Senior Project Consultant and Research Analyst for Schollie Research & Consulting.

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Ranchelle Van Bryce

Lead Generator, Sales Conversion Expert, Trainer, Speaker, marketing strategist, Facebook Adv. specialist Alexander_Twomey Business Coaching & Consulting

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Michelle Andrishak

Rural Alberta Business Centre Team Member Coach. Mentor. Super-Connector.

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Brenda Kolasa

Solopreneur, Visual Resolve Graphics. Founder, Success4Business Graphics, Brand Identity, Business Development.

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Business Link

One-on-one guidance, research, access to experts, training opportunities.

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Community Futures, Central Alberta

For over 30 years, we’ve been helping people just like you turn business ideas into reality in rural Alberta. Our small business specialists connect you with the skills, financing and resources you need to succeed.

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Cathy Forner

Senior project manager, consultant, coach and facilitator.

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Jo(e) Social Media

Jo(e) Social Media Inc. will help you build your social presence in a way that will best represent your business, and reach the audience you need to reach to be successful in your social goals.

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Stacey N Greer

Coaching For Solutions Inc. Effective leaders aren’t born-they’re made. Stacey provides custom, hands-on strategies and techniques that unlock your full potential and inspire you to become the best leader you can be.

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Christopher Deeth

B. Comm, CPA | Consultant – Business Advisory

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Garth Epp

Garth is an engaging and energetic coach who loves people and is passionate about helping them press toward and realize their true potential. As a strategic thinker and problem solver, he believes that the most successful, fulfilled people have made learning and growth a life-long pursuit.

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