Alana Peters

Alana Peters, Speaker & Facilitator, Personal & Professional Coach, has spent twenty years equipping both adults and children, inspiring them to be their best. Whether teaching or coaching, she is committed to create an atmosphere of trust to maximize potential for her students or clients.


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Leadership development workshops, training, mentoring and coaching are experiential learning opportunities where theory, skill, self and social awareness intersect in order to allow individuals to become the leader they aspire to be.  

Alana Peters, founder of Now's the Time Executive Coaching, is a leadership and professional coach, trainer and speaker. She has spent twenty years equipping groups and individuals, inspiring them personally and professionally.  She is skilled at creating and facilitating customized training and inspirational sessions for both large and small groups.  

Alana skillfully helps identify the roadblocks that are holding clients from achieving their true potential in their organization and life. She is able to inspire and is equipped to help you rise above the leadership challenges you experience. She is committed and passionate about leadership and creating results-oriented offerings that nurture long-lasting change for both individuals and organizations.  Alana's experience, knowledge and expertise helps her clients get sustainable results.

- "Alana brings a unique, intuitive and affirming presence."

- "Alana is an inspiring, action focused coach who creates clarity and direction."

- "I trust Alana with my most important thoughts knowing that each conversation is completely confidential."

Alana is a Certified Daring Way Facilitator and is qualified to deliver cutting edge, research based material created by Dr. Brene Brown. As a member and holder of ACC credential with The International Coach Federation she is committed to the highest standards for coaching. She is a graduate of the University of Regina with a Bachelor of Arts in English/ History and a Bachelor of Education. She is also a graduate of Royal Roads University with her Master's Certificate in Executive Coaching.

Alana will deliver 1:1 coaching and consultation to Catapult clients, as well as workshops, on topics such as:

- Personal resilience and courage

- Trust 

- Communication

- Boundaries



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