Jo(e) Social Media

Jo(e) Social Media Inc. will help you build your social presence in a way that will best represent your business, and reach the audience you need to reach to be successful in your social goals.

Since 2012, Jo(e) Social Media Inc. has helped business owners who value social media and want to work collaboratively with a professional team to ensure they have a consistent social presence from a customer service, communications, public relations, brand image, and sales point of view.

With a degree in Psychology focused on motivation and personality, and a Minor in Sociology, Co-Founder and COO Jo Phillips loves to watch how people interact both in social media and in the business world and convert it to opportunity. Known for her big ideas and quick, creative thinking, she’s able to combine her education and knowledge of small business and entrepreneurship with smart, effective social media solutions.

Not to be outdone, Co-Founder and CEO Joe Whitbread balances the Jo(e) management team out with a background in Broadcast Journalism, and sales. Joe’s fascination with marketing and branding has allowed him to master the art of audience engagement, both on and offline. Known for his “if they’re going right, let’s go left” philosophy, he’s able to find the best way through a social minefield for almost any business.

You can find both Jo(e)s, and their team on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, or at