Michelle Andrishak

Rural Alberta Business Centre Team Member Coach. Mentor. Super-Connector.

Michelle is a Small Business Advisor with the Rural Alberta Business Centre. She holds a Double Major Business Degree in Accounting and Marketing Management and is a Certified Small Business Coach and Communications Consultant. Winner of Red Deer & District Foundation's Woman of Excellence Award (2015), Customer Service Excellence Award Rocky Mountain House Chamber of Commerce (2015) and 2017 Nominee of Canadian Biz Chicks Woman of Inspiration Award. 

Michelle Andrishak is an innovative business coach who helps clients to plan, finance, launch and grow profitable, resilient businesses.  

With 20 years of hands-on entrepreneurial experience, she has successfully helped aspiring and established business owners to write solid business plans, land financing, navigate digital marketing and define their long-term plans.

Michelle is also a consultant, engaging public speaker and super-connector, creating personal development and networking opportunities for clients - so they can grow themselves as well as their businesses.

Her vibrant personality and contagious enthusiasm inspire people to move beyond their perceived limitations. She is a passionate, supportive mentor who will help you follow your dreams while keeping both feet firmly on the ground.

Areas of speciality include: Start up, Business Expansion, Marketing, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Universal Management Principles, Communications, Accounting, Business Planning, Strategic Planning, Sourcing funds for business.

In addition to 1:1 coaching and consulting, Michelle may deliver training workshops on such topics as:

- So you want to be your own boss?

- Improve your communication, improve your business!

- Time Management: Stop hitting the snooze button on your life & business and learn 5 easy steps to be the boss of your day!

- Shut the Duck Up: How to take charge of thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back in life and in business