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Prefectures in Japan began enforcing regulations in 2004 that restricted purchases and sales of used underwear, saliva, urine, and feces of people under 18.

  • The goes a little further and reports that catheterophilia can include one or more of the following: i sexual interest in using a catheter, ii abnormal amount of time spent thinking about using a catheter, iii recurring intense sexual fantasies involving using a catheter, iv recurring intense sexual urges involving using a catheter, and v sexual preference for using a catheter.

  • The buyers of such items typically smell the items as a source of sexual stimulation and gratification.

  • This extract also suggests there are yet more overlaps with other sexual paraphilias including , , and.

Agnès Giard uncovers Japanese sub-cultural erotica.

  • Gay men were more likely than heterosexuals to engage in these types of activity.

  • Kreitz-Sandberg that examined the sexual revolution in Japan during the 1990s and new forms of commercialized sexuality and most specifically burusera.

  • I did unearth a 2004 discussion paper by Dr.