Client Appreciates Program Coaching

Monday, November 20, 2017

When Chris Gilbert came to Catapult in October, 2017, he knew he had good skills and experience to offer on a number of fronts, but needed help sharpening his business focus and direction, and getting a solid business plan in place.

"Working with Peter McGee, I was able to quickly focus my business on technology integration for community events," he says. "I was also able to determine how many events I needed to be involved in, and have started to put together core package offerings for Nonprofit Organizations in Central Alberta."

As a Catapulter, Chris has a customized program plan that supports him to build his business in a smart, manageable, comprehensive way. Chris meets with his coach, Peter McGee, regularly, and together they work through ideas and tackle challenges Chris is encountering in his start-up journey. Chris also attends Catapult training events and workshops, and finds the Catapult Commons a great place to get independent work done.

Chris says: "With the one on one Program Coaching and other activities offered by Catapult Entrepreneurs I feel more confident in re-launching my business next year. Working along with other entrepreneurs provides encouragement and an opportunity to help each other. If it wasn't for Catapult Entrepreneurs, I would not be pursuing my own business."

Chris can be found on Facebook.