Beelieve Lifestyle and Apparel

Brandi Buss

Beelieve Lifestyle and Apparel was brought to life by the simple act of getting pickpocketed, and losing my credit card, ID, cash, and hotel key all in one go. I was passed the days of being a naive traveler but I let my guard down for just a minute and my whole travels came to a halt. Do you know how tough it is to get a new ID while abroad? (Sorry mom)

Since then I've learned the art of separation to ensure that if one thing went missing you still had back up elsewhere in your outfit. So instead of having you learn this tough lesson I have created an apparel line that allows you to store your cards, cash, and keys away with ease in the hidden pocket of each product. 

Our products are made of the highest quality eco-friendly materials that allow you to feel safe and stylish. We have reinvented that dreadful money belt with elegance and created a line that will suit any traveller, outdoor adventurer, or sports enthusiasts. 

Every product is designed in our small shop and with my teammates and sewers, Debra, Denise, Linda, Lindsay, and Cara, who put all of Beelieve's visions into life. Our team cuts, steams presses, sews, and perfects each item before shipping it into the hands of our community. Due to our small yet mighty team our quality is above the rest and really sets us apart from factory style productions.

We are also very proud to say we are a zero-waste company. Every scrap is saved and will be put to use in another way. 

With every product purchased we are helping our little bee friends. Each product comes with recycled seed paper that you simply take and plant in your garden and it will grow Canadian wild flowers. (*note-international orders, we plant your seeds for you)

We welcome you to follow our journey as we release our first line and we promise to keep you on your toes as we release new products, travel new countries, and create a community of Beelievers.