Eco Tree

Shawn Moore

Central Alberta Based Tree Company ranging from Tree Spades, Chipper and Certified Saw Crews. However, we have diversified Urban Logging.


We started up in 2005 focusing on the oil and gas sector through seismic line clearing. After having the constant stress and uncertainty with such a cyclical industry, we have shifted gears to focus on what was honestly our "waste or garbage" and started Urban Logging. To make a long story short Urban logging presents a new opportunity to find value in these trees when they no longer can provide living benefits. Throughout a trees life, many factors can come into play like disease, mother nature, disasters, developments or other concerns causing a tree's life to end. We recognized the lost opportunity of what was once considered our "waste". We have become a full circle tree company from taking the trees down to salvaging and milling the lumber, to kiln drying the lumber and finishing with a value-added green product. However, we're not done there, we close the loop with re-planting trees with our tree spades.

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