Program Benefits

Learn about the benefits of all Programs offered by Catapult Entrepreneurs

Benefits to the Client

As an incubated entrepreneur with Catapult Entrepreneurs, you receive:

  • Access to a team of people with knowledge and expertise, all focused on your business success
  • Access to a professional, collaborative work space, with mail and phone service
  • A customized program, with learning and training opportunities, planning tools, coaching and guidance, and support to access government funding vouchers
  • An opportunity to establish strong foundations and building blocks for your business, giving you a competitive advantage and reducing your risk

Benefits to the Community

Supporting new businesses and business innovations through the Catapult Entrepreneurs business incubator and accelerator enhances the vibrancy and prosperity of your community by:

  • Expanding the commercial and industrial tax base
  • Reducing the commercial and industrial property vacancy rate
  • Diversifying the economy, which leads to enhanced economic stability
  • Bringing new jobs and increased ‘cash flow’ into the community
  • Increasing the number of available jobs
  • Supporting population growth by attracting new residents to fill jobs and start new businesses
  • Reducing business risk and strengthening long-term business sustainability
  • Boosting community and regional relationships and collaborations
  • Fostering reinvigorated community spirit and pride